About Us

We, at ASM Legal Professional Corporation, aim to provide the legal services with utmost candidness and Transparency. ASM Legal Professional Corporation sincerely believes in gaining Client’s Trust, instead of his/her financial capacity.

ASM Legal Professional Corporation, holds a unique position in legal world, with vastness and in-depth legal experience of more than 20 years. The credit goes to Ankit Khetarpal, who is registered Attorney across the world entitled to practice law in United States of America, Canada and India. Ankit Khetarpal, holds membership in good standing from New York State Bar Association, Law Society of Ontario, Canada, and Delhi Bar Association, India. Honored with designation by Supreme Court of India, as Advocate on Record is another long list of honors awarded to him.

Over the span of his career, Ankit has acquired an immense experience in the field of immigration law, real estate law, estates and wills, commercial complex transactions, litigation and corporate structuring.

Speaking from his perspective

“When I entered Canada, I distinctly remember (since no country, except Canada has done that) that CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) officer, while admitting said “Welcome to Canada with smile on his face”, and since then Canada has accepted me with open arms, from airport officers, to Taxi worker. Important to mention, that I was wary of questioning at the International Borders, however, I was admitted straight away without any questioning, and with that I learnt the importance of right legal paper work in your hands, which can make the transition smooth.

Being an immigrant, facing the challenges, like education, employment, Immigration paths myself, having experienced them all not only education wise, but myself personally, has also taught me to understand the issues of every immigrant at a humane level. Keeping that in mind, I intend to welcome everybody to Canada, a country who welcomes everyone with open arms, yet balancing with right legal approach and guidance, with honest, transparency and integrity”.